We’re proud of our reputation as a socially responsible company, enhancing the lives not just of our employees but of the communities in which we work.

The Perkins mission statement sets out our business philosophy: ‘We create value for our customers and distributors by providing competitive and dependable industrial power solutions.’

An unbeatable range of power solutions

We have always focused exclusively on the design and manufacture of engines. Now, our range is aimed at the agricultural, construction, industrial, power generation and material handling sectors in the 4-2000 kW (5-2800 hp) range.

The Perkins industrial engine product range extends from the compact 400 Series engine, producing 50 kW (67 hp), to the 1200 Series, producing up to 240 kW (320 hp) and offering enhanced productivity and low cost of ownership.

Beyond that, the Perkins electric power and gas engine range includes further models up to the 4000 Series, which produce up to 2500 kVA (2000 kWe).

Across the ranges, there are Perkins engines designed to meet all emission standards and performance requirements in more than 800 applications. All of them can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual equipment manufacturers.

Precisely tailored technology means applications you can depend on.

Perkins Engines

Engine No. of
AlternatorPrime / KVAPrime / KWStandby / KVAStandby / KWCons / l/hBattery / V/AmpCoolant Capacity / ltrOil Capacity / ltr
AGP10403C-11G3AGS/TAL040 B108118.82.612/555.214.9
AGP15403C-15G3AGS/TAL040 D151216.513.23.712/5565
AGP20404C-22G4AGS/TAL040 F201622185.412/55710.6
AGP301103A-33G3AGS/TAL042 B302433287.112/6510.27.9
AGP451103A-33TG13AGS/TAL042 E4536504010.712/6510.27.9
AGP601103A-33TG23AGS/TAL042 H604852.84813.912/6510.27.9
AGP801104A-44TG24AGS/TAL044 B80648870.518.712/65138
AGP1001104C-TAG24AGS/TAL044 D100801108822.612/65138
AGP1351006-TAG16AGS/TAL044 H13510815012031.512/651611
AGP1501006-TAG26AGS/TAL44.3 L101501201651324112/653719
AGP2001306C-E87TAG36AGS 46.2 M520016023018545.224 / 4537.226.4
AGP2501306C-E87TAG66AGS/46.2 L62502002752205524 / 4537.226.4
AGP3001606A-E93TAG56AGS 4.730024035028068.724 / 454036
AGP3502206C-E13TAG26AGS 47.2 VS235028040032070.624 / 704768
AGP4002206C-E13TAG36AGS 47.2 S44003204533528124 / 704768
AGP4502506A-E15TAG16AGS 47.2 M54503655004009524 / 705868
AGP5002506A-E15TAG26AGS 47.2 M750040055044010024 / 705868
AGP6252806A-E18TAG26AGS 47.2 L965052070056013224 / 706168
AGP7254006-23TAG2A6AGS 49.1 M6700580800640152.824 / 70105113.4
AGP8004006-23TAG3A6AGS 49.1 M75800640900720167.424 / 70105113.4
AGP10004008-TAG2A8AGS 49.1 L111000800112590022624 / 70162165.6
AGP12504012-46TWG2A12AGS 502 M6125010001371112226524 / 70240177.6
AGP15004012-46TAG212AGS 502 L8150012001650132030624 / 70240180
AGP20004016-TAG2A16AGS 51.2 M60200016002200180043624 / 70316237.2